100 Leva Bulgaria's Banknote

Pick: 120a
Date: 2003
100 Leva Bulgaria's Banknote
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Watermark – a half-tone image of Aleko and the text “BNB" Obverse – a portrait of Aleko Konstantinov Reverse – items from the life and works of A. Konstantinov An anti-copy stripe – a hologram stripe consisting ofalternating images of an edelweiss and a writer’s profile Obverse side embossed print Transparent register element and the figure “100” Obverse and reverse microprint Security thread – microprint “BNB 100" Ink changing its color from violet to green Marks for visually impaired people – a triangle and a rectangle Background color – green Artistic design – Kiril Gogov Printed in the BNB Printing Works, Sofia In circulation as of 8 December 2003.

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