Afghanistan 1,000 Afghanis, 2016 (SH1395), P-77d

Afghanistan 1,000 Afghanis, 2016 (SH1395), P-77d
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Issued by: Da Afghanistan Bank

Date: 2016 (SH1395)

Type: Banknote

Material: Paper

Size:  158 x 66 mm

Security Thread:  Windowed with demetalized “1000”

Watermark: Mausoleum of  Mirwais Khan Hotaki and Cornerstones 

Printer: Thomas de la Rue & Company - TDLR

Signatures: Khalilullah Sediq Khalil Sediq & Eklil Ahmad Hakimi

Other Details: holographic foil at left, for similar earlier notes with holographic foil at right see Afghanistan P-72 & Afghanistan P-74

For a similar later note with different holographic foil see Afghanistan P-78


Front: Hazrat Ali Shrine, Mazar-i-Sharif

Reverse: Ahmad Shah Durrani mausoleum, Kandahar


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