Albania 1,000 Leke, 2019, P-78s, Specimen

Albania 1,000 Leke, 2019, P-78s, Specimen
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Issued by: Banka e Shqiperise

Date: 2019 

Type: Banknote

Material: Paper

Size: 139 x 69 mm

Security Thread: Unknown

Watermark: Pjeter Bogdani

Printer: De La Rue – DLR

Signatures: Governatori Gent Sejko & Drejtori Stefan Sevo


Other Details: Specimen with all zero serial #


Front: Pjeter Bogdani, Banka e Shqipërisë building (Tirana)

Reverse: Astronomical drawing (eclipse of the Moon), church of Vau i Dejes


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