Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a sovereign country that rests between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean at the southern part of the Leeward Islands chain in the West Indies. The island country comprises two main islands, Antigua and Barbuda, and smaller islands, namely, the Great Bird, Guiana, Prickly Pear, Redonda, York Islands, Long, and Maiden. The island country is between the Leeward Islands which is part of the Lesser Antilles. The island nation covers an area of 289 square kilometers with no mountains and forests, making it distinct from the rest of the Leeward Islands.

The dual-island country has been diversifying its economy to minimize its vulnerability to natural catastrophes. Its economy is mainly based on service, with tourism and government services as major sources of revenue and employment. The tourism sector directly or indirectly contributes half of GDP. It also generates most of the foreign exchange revenue in Antigua and Barbuda. Meanwhile, agricultural products are mainly for the local market.

Since 1995, the island country was hit by a series of hurricanes that damaged the tourism infrastructure and reduced the number of visitors. In 1999, the emerging offshore financial sector was impacted by the embargo imposed by the UK and the US after money-laundering regulations were loosened.

The country is a member of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union and is using the Eastern Caribbean dollar for its commercial transactions. Recent banknotes of the Eastern Caribean States issued by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank since 2019 are printed on a polymer substrate in a vertical orientation. Just like the previous banknotes, this family of notes depicts a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II wearing the tiara of Grand Duchess Vladimir and the golden jubilee necklace of Queen Victoria. The notes also feature the Central Bank headquarters building and enhanced security features such as holographic windows. Additionally, these paper bills also bear tactile geometric shapes that help the sight-impaired distinguish between denominations. 

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