Belize 100 Dollars, 2017, P-71d

Issued by: Central Bank of Belize

Date: 2017

Type: Banknote

Material: Paper

Size: 150 x 75 mm

Security Thread: Windowed security thread with demetalized BELIZE

Watermark: Jaguar and Electrotype ONE HUNDRED
Printer: Thomas de la Rue & De la Rue, London


Audrey Joy Grant 

Joseph D. Waight 

John Mencias 

Blue, purple, and red

Front: jade head; holographic keel-billed toucan; coat of arms; school of queen triggerfish and queen angelfish; Queen Elizabeth II wearing Grand Duchess Vladimir’s tiara and Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee necklace; toucan as registration device

Reverse: toucan; keel-billed toucan and Baird’s tapir; birds: jabiru stork, brown pelican, red-footed booby, magnificent frigate bird, blue-crown parrot, and king vulture


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