Bosnia & Herzegovina 1,000 Dinara, 1992, P-2c

Pick: 2c
Date: 1992
Book Value: USD $125.00
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Bosnia & Herzegovina 1,000 Dinara, 1992, P-2c
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Handstamp with numeral 2. Original seal with the correct text inside that reads: NARODNA BANKA BOSNE I HERCEGOVINE НАРОДНА БАНКА БОСНЕ И ХЕРЦЕГОВИНЕ both in Latin and the Cyrillic alphabet. FAKE seal with the wrong text inside that reads: NARODNA BANKA BOSNA I HERCEGOVINE НАРОДНА БАНКА БОСНA И ХЕРЦЕГОВИНE So the error is in the words BOSNA (БОСНA) instead of the correct BOSNE (БОСНE). Please look carefully focus on letter A in the original and in the same letter to false seal. You'll see it in the original letter A to the upper part looks flat top, while the false seal that part of the letter A is with sharp top. Also carefully look at the difference in the Cyrillic letter Д (D). On the original handstamp that is very similar to the capital lette A but on false looks like Д .

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