Brazil 1,000 Cruzeiro Banknote, 1943, P-141p

Proof Not dated, but it is Estampa 1ยช, which was issued at 1943, without serial numbers. Choice Uncirculated. Issued for test and approval, fresh and crisp antique banknote. Specimen incompletely printed without overprints, serial numbers, series or dates. Each side shown. This is a single printed note and not two halves. Proof banknote A proof note is printed with a purpose of establishing the quality, design and other properties of the printing. Proof notes may be unfinished in design and may be missing certain characteristics (serial number, colour, and printing phase) that one would expect to see on a finished note. Proof notes are usually made to aid the printer and the issuing authority with the selection of design, colour, etc. A proof note can sometimes bear a 'specimen' overprint. Cancellation holes may be present. Proof notes are usually scarce and unavailable to the public.

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