Colombia 10,000 Pesos Oro, 1994, P-437Ab

Colombia 10,000 Pesos Oro, 1994, P-437Ab
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Green, brown, red, and yellow. 

Front: Plant; two sailing ships; Mujer Embera (Embera indian woman); plate; gold figure. 

Back: Birds (greater flamingo, andean condor, green honeycreeper, andean cock of the rock, blue and yellow macaw, hotzin,scarlet ibis, yellow-hooded blackbird, metallic green tanager, white pelican, magnificent frigatebird, keel-billed toucan, baltimore oriole, scarlet macaw, yellow-crowned parrot, red-capped cardinal); Martin Waldseemüller’s world map of 1507; cornucopia bank seal; Cristobal Colon’s Santa Maria sailing ship.


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