A message from Banknote World CEO, Abdullah Beydoun:

I have been a hobbyist since I was a young child collecting banknotes. I started this educational site open to all to help others who wanted to learn, collect and enjoy banknotes.


  • What is Banknote World Educational?

Banknote World offers a place where beginners and advanced banknote collectors alike can come together and build their collection. We offer information, articles and everything else banknote related to help you better understand banknotes.


  • How can I start?

You don’t need much to start your own banknote collection. As a matter of fact, you can start with the banknotes you currently have in your pocket. Your collection can reflect your personal travels or be a reminder of that certain country you dream of visiting one day. All banknote collections are unique and it is up to you to decide what you want it to be, start by creating a free Banknote World Account today!


  • Can I upload my own banknote images?

Absolutely! There are millions of banknotes in the world and even we don’t have an image of them all. Everyone is highly encouraged to add images of missing notes into our database so that everyone can enjoy them.


  • Can I use images from the site?

If you want to use fewer than 10 images for your own non-commercial purposes, help yourself. However, if you require more images, or you have a commercial use in mind, please contact us here to request permission first.


  • Can you tell me the value of a banknote or coin I have?

Yes! You are more than welcome to send us your banknotes or coins for evaluations and we would be more than happy to help. Send them to us here but give us some time to get back to you, we have many requests and will get back to you as soon as we can :)


  • Are the notes shown on Banknote World for sale?

No, this is not a commercial site. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to educate on banknotes


  • Does Banknote World buy banknotes?

Yes, we sometimes buy banknotes to add to our own collection. Contact us for details if you are interested in selling to us.


  • What is a Denomination?

A denomination on a banknote is the face value that is printed on the note itself.


  • What is a Pick?

Albert Pick published The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money in 1975 and he needed a universal method for numbering banknotes so that collectors and dealers can easily identify them. The Pick Number was created and is now named after him, it uses “P”, “PS” and “PM” to help identify banknotes. This is followed by the issue series or date number in ascending order and lastly, a variant letter is used to depict different versions of the same note. For example, a specimen 1 Dollar United States’ Banknote from 1957 will have a pick number of P-419s.


  • What is an Honoured Collector?

Honoured Collectors are recognized in our site as those who have contributed the most added banknotes. The top 30 banknote image contributors are displayed in our home page and anyone can become an Honoured Collector. Reach for the top!