Germany 1,000 Mark 1922, P-76b.2, Series NN

Germany 1,000 Mark 1922, P-76b.2, Series NN
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Issued by: Reichsbank (State Treasury)

Date: 15.09.1922 

Catalog reference: Holger Rosenberg – Ro.75d

Type: Banknote

Material: Paper

Size: 160 x 85 mm

Security thread: No security thread

Watermark: Dornen (Thorns)

Printer: Printed by many different private printing companies




Havenstein & von Glasenapp; von Grimm; Kauffmann; Schneider; Budczies; Bernhard; Seiffert; Vocke; Friedrich; Fuchs; P. Schneider

Other Details:

Paper yellow, watermark:

6-digit red serial #; Firmenzeichen (Printing Company logo): BB; BW; BX; EK; GP; KH; NF; NN; OE; PG; RB; SB; WB; XB

serial # and Firmenzeichen:

Green, Lilac

Front: Two black Reichsbank seals

Reverse: Guilloches


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