Iran 1 Million Rials, 2020 ND, P-165a.1

Iran 1 Million Rials, 2020 ND, P-165a.1
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Issued by: Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran 

Date: 2020 ND

Type: Banknote

Material: Paper

Size: 156 x 71 mm

Security Thread: 2.5-mm gold-to-green windowed security thread with demetalized I. R. IRAN and Solid security thread with printed Farsi script

Watermark: Archway of Darius Palace and electrotype 100

Printer: TAKAB


Abdolnaser Hemmati   


Other Details: Emergency Check due to absence of regular paper money with high denominations

Blue, Red

Front: denomination as puzzle number registration device; Ruins of Darius Palace in Persepolis

Reverse: Oil refinery; denomination as puzzle number; 100 in gold-to-green SPARK


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