Lesotho 100 Maloti, 2019, P-24c

Lesotho 100 Maloti, 2019, P-24c
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Issued by: Central Bank of Lesotho

Date: 2019

Type: Banknote

Material: Paper

Size: 140 x 70 mm

Security Thread: Windowed Security Thread with demetalized CBL and four-leaf clovers

Watermark: King Moshoeshoe I in top hat, electrotype 100 capped with Basoto hat and Cornerstones

Printer: De La Rue


Governor – Rets’elisitsoe Adelaide Matlanyane 


Front:  Kings Letsie III, Moshoeshoe I & Moshoeshoe II, Arms, Holographic patch

Reverse: Shepherd with flock


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