Romania 200 Lei, 2023, P-122m, Polymer

Romania 200 Lei, 2023, P-122m, Polymer
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Issued by: Banca Naţională a României (Romania Nationalbank)

Date: 2023

Type: Banknote

Material: Polymer

Size: 150 x 82 mm

Security Thread: Simulated solid security thread

Watermark: Lucian Blaga; BNR monogram

Printer: OEBS - Oesterreichische Banknoten- und Sicherheitsdruck GmbH, Vienna


GUVERNATOR – Prof. univ. Dr. Mugur Constantin Isarescu



Other Details: Date 01.01.2018 vertically at right border on front, serial # prefix 23– gives the year of issue

Eagle in arms from 2018 with crown

Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Violet

Front: Lucian Blaga, inkwell as registration device, poppy flowers, BNR monogram

Reverse: "Thinking Man" of Hamangia, water mill


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