Russia is the world’s largest country by area stretching from Eastern Europe to Northern Asia and extends across eleven time zones. Its capital, Moscow, is the largest city in Europe. Russia, which was a republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, gained its independence after the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991.  

Russia’s mixed economy primarily relies on natural resources such as oil and natural gas which account for about 45% of the country’s revenues. The nation is one of the top exporters and importers in the world. Its automotive industry is the tenth largest in the world in terms of production and its foreign exchange reserves is among the top five. 

Because of its invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Russia has dealt with global embargo through the “all-out economic and financial war” movement that wiped Russia off the international financial system.

 Russia uses the ruble as its currency. Introduced in September 1993, the Russian ruble replaced the Soviet currency and is subdivided into 100 kopeks. Banknotes issued in 1993 bear the Central Bank of Russia’s initial in Cyrillic on the upper right of their obverse. These paper bills depict the Senate Tower and the Senate building on the obverse and a tower in Moscow Kremlin on their reverse.  

Modern issues of Russian paper bills are in denominations of 5 to 2,000 rubles and feature historic statues and monuments. Russia has also released commemorative banknotes such as the 100 Rubles from 2014 which commemorate the Sochi Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. In 2015, the country also introduced another 100-ruble note to memorialize the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. The note features symbols of the city of Sevastopol on the obverse and Crimea on the reverse.  

In 2018, Russia released a colorful 100-ruble note to highlight the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. This commemorative banknote features goalkeeper Lev Yashin and contains a Quick Registration Code.

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