West African States - Niger 500 Francs, 2023, P-619Hl

West African States - Niger 500 Francs, 2023, P-619Hl
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Issued by: Banque Centrale des États de l'Afrique de l'Ouest 

Date: (20)23 (the first two numbers of the serial # give the last two numbers of the Year of issue) 

Code letter: H = Niger

Type: Banknote

Material: Paper

Size:  114 x 60 mm

Security Thread:  1-mm wide solid security thread with printed UMOA 500 

Watermark: Catfish end electrotype 500

Printer: Francois-Charles Oberthur Fiduciaire (France) - FCOF 


Jean-Claude Brou 

Sani Yaya 

Orange, Brown, Green

Front: Catfish shaped Brass Weight of the Ashanti People for weighing Gold Dust, Map of Africa, electronic circuits;  hand touching screen on tablet

Reverse: Hippopotamuses standing in grassland


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