Zero Euro

Introduced in 2015 through a collaboration between Richard Faille from France and the Monnaie de Paris, the concept of Zero Euro banknotes aims to promote Euro tourism. These banknotes were printed by a reliable facility and bear similarities to real Euro banknotes, complete with security features such as copper stripes, holograms, invisible fluorescent ink, watermarks, and serial numbers.

The souvenir banknotes have unified color schemes and basic designs. In addition to the prominent "0" label, the obverse side showcases renowned personalities or famous landmarks representing the issuing European country or region. The reverse design includes iconic structures such as Germany's Brandenburg Gate, London's beloved Big Ben, France's historic Eiffel Tower, Italy's iconic Colosseum, Spain's majestic Sagrada Familia, and Belgium's renowned Manneken Pis and Mona Lisa. 

While the production of these banknotes has received authorization from the European Central Bank, these are solely intended as souvenirs and are not legal tender. These banknotes serve as collectibles and mementos, allowing tourists and enthusiasts to commemorate their travels and experiences within the Eurozone. Through their distinctive designs and symbolic imagery, these banknotes also offer a unique way to celebrate and cherish the diverse heritage and landmarks across Europe, fostering a sense of appreciation for Euro tourism.

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