Belgium 1,000 Francs, 1908, P-72 Aa.1

Belgium 1,000 Francs, 1908, P-72 Aa.1
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Blue and Brown

Front: Overturned vase spilling water (Scheldt/Escaut River); reclining allegorical man (Neptune) holding trident; central allegorical crowd scene; winged boat (Shipping) with steering wheel and smokestack; lion heads; snakes; reclining allegorical woman (Salacia) holding staff; overturned vase spilling water (Meuse/Maas River)

Reverse: Reclining allegorical man (Mining) wearing hard hat and holding pickaxe; chains and minecart with ore; olive branches; head of woman in medallion; oak leaves; angle bar, tongs, anvil, and cog; seated allegorical man (Metallurgy) holding hammer

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