Denmark 200 Kroner, 2010, P-67a.3

Denmark 200 Kroner, 2010, P-67a.3
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Issued by: Danmarks Nationalbank

Date: 2010

Type: Banknote

Material: Paper

Size: 145 x 72 mm

Security Thread: Solid security thread and windowed Motion security thread

Watermark:  Wooden Viking ship hull from Skuldelev in Roskilde Fiord and electrotype 200

Printer: Banknote Printing Works

Signature:Lars Gerrild Sørensen

Torben Nielsen

Green and Purple

Front: belt plate holographic patch; Knippelsbro (Knippels Bridge) linking Slotsholmen to Christianshavn in Copenhagen

Reverse: Langstrup belt plate; a lake with lily pads; map 


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